Who is Sherlock Holmes?

sherlock holmesI always avoided reading any Sherlock Holmes stories in the dread fear that they might actually be rather boring.  But I picked up an audio at the library a few weeks ago and find myself rather hooked!

Holmes is an amazing creature.  If you like any of those crime shows like The Mentalist or Lie to Me, in which the detective jumps to conclusions from the tiniest of evidence, you will like this.  The stories are clever and engaging. I will be reading more and downloaded a lot of Conan Doyle into Stanza on my iPhone.  You can get it easily on line too – both through Project Gutenburg – which means free!

There is a movie coming out soon with Robert Downey Junior (sounds good in theory) as Holmes and Jude Law as Dr Watson.  I am hopeful, but the trailer is a little unusual.  Here is a link, you can draw your own conclusions…



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