Dead as a Doornail

dead as a doornailAnother Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Book – one I have been remiss not to blog about earlier.

The entire premise of this book is to give readers an insight into were society. We witness the race to be Chief of the Shreveport werewolves and also follow Jason Stackhouse’s initiation into the Were panther community of HotShot – the result of a bite or two in the last novel.

Not much in the romance department.  Eric finds out all the details of the last novel, but seems too stunned to reply much.  Bill is not central to the action and although Alcide the werewolf is, the obstacles between the promise of romance between Sookie and him grow greater. Sam gets the best shot in this book of the series – and the biggest part Bill plays is in putting a stop to that!  Still have to follow what happens – have the next on order at the library while I take a break from fluff and attack something meatier.


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