Thirty-Something and Over It

30somethingWe’ve been told we can have it all – but do we really want to? Who says what it ‘all’ is?  And who tells me I should have it?

This book reached me in a pensive mood and while I don’t read a lot of non-fiction – nor anything that could be considered in the realm of a self-help book – I really got a lot out of this.

Kasey Edwards talks about reaching the point where you have attained what you want to in your career and suddenly you realise you dont want it anymore. Its basically all about re-evaluating your life and your goals and being open to understanding that whatever you are doing with your life at any point, it might not be what you want to do forever.  Lots of people make major changes along the course of their lives and are all the better for it.  So we should never feel trapped by our circumstances.  We always have options.  I like the discussion of how your passions can become part of your ‘work’ – a secret to fulfillment.  A lot of food for thought, and an easy and entertaining read.  It’s popularity is totally understandable for this generation of Gen X women.


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