The Host

After the phenomenon that is the Twilight series, I thought I had better read The Host to see what else Stephenie Meyer had to offer. I had to skim through many sections fo the novel and had to check the net for spoilers to see whether or nto it was worth persevering until the end.  I chose to, and am not disappointed that I did, although I will never be singing this book’s praises.

In total departure from her vampire novels, The Host is definitely the beginning of a vampire series. The main character is a member of a parasitic alien species who colonate and bring order to planets by slowing taking over their species.  Wanderer, who inhabits Melanie Stryder is a gentle soul.  When Melanie fights tooth and nail and refuses to leave after Wanderer is inserted, Wanderer is left battling Melanie’s memories, specifically her passion for a man named Jared. 

Unsure what to do about the uncontrollable voice in her head, but attached hostenough to Melanie to wish her no harm, Wanderer goes in search of Jared and finds him – and a whole cache of hidden human resistance.  Wanderer presents somewhat of a problem to them – some are willing to trust her as she left her entire species behind for them, whilst others assume it is all a part of some alien grand plan, and fight to have her destroyed immediately. Unfortunately, Jared is one of the latter. 

Various problems spring up the extremely and unneccesarily lengthy plot until Wanderer (dubbed Wanda by her human cohorts) is accepted at large and begins to work for the resistance.  But I wont give away too much here. The Host is less trite than the Twilight Series (come on, who didn’t know how that was going to end?), but it lacks the intensity and romance that has made many a girl’s heart flutter at the mention of Edward.  I have heard whispers of a movie which would certainly be interesting (and perhaps even better as they will cut a lot of it out), but this series will never reach the peaks of Twilight.


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