Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in DallasOk – I know this is trashy.  But I just had to!

I have been watching the HBO series True Blood, which was aptly descibed by the girl in the video store as “everything they could not show you in Buffy and Twilight”.  It’s raunchy and violent in the extreme.  But a reasonably well-crafted mystery at the same time.  Well, good enough for me to pursue a library copy of the second book (which appears to be the basis for series two, now in production) to puruse.

Living Dead in Dallas follows Sookie Stackhouse as she is sent to Dallas to investigate the mystery of a missing vampire with her special gifts.  It trundles along easily enough, making for a quick, easy and midly entertaining read.  It is what I might call a good Sunday-afternoon-book – one that demands little from you, and that you can enjoy as a bit of mindless fun. 

The books are somewhat less graphic than the series was, so a better option for younger interested parties.   Some interesting future directions for the series indicated here though, as I know ****SPOILER ALERT**** she wont stay with Bill for long.  Bring on Eric I reckon!  he sounds more interesting…


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