Turn of the Screw

turn-of-the-screw1This is a list title, and one I have been meaning to read for a while.

A classic ghost story by Henry James, the ambigous ending left me somewhat unsatisfied. 

A governess who is sent to a remote home to care for two children, but also finds two eerie ghosts present. Critics argue as to whether the ghosts are only a figure of her imagination, but to me, textual evidence tends to indicate  that the presence of the ghosts is quite real. The dialogue with the children, who the governess believes have some sort of otherworldly connection to the ghosts, is quite eerie in places.  Plus, James is a big fan of the ghost story genre – I am betting he would want us to take much of this at face value.

The ending is puzzling, involving quite an unexplained death.  This left me wanting – why?  How?  What does it mean in the grand scheme of things?  As I was listening to this on audiobook on a day of long driving, I kept wondering whether I had missed something.  But there was no final chapter…  that was it.    Huh?  Disappointing given its literary reputation.


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