Good Omens?

For a book entitled Good Omens, it has certainly been bad luck for me…. well… at least in the case that I hold it responsible for a rather nasty case of sunburn. But that is another story.

This was a text for my book club, and not one that I was that enthused about reading. However, it was a moderately entertaining story about how a seemingly inevitable apolcaypse came to be averted. It has some interesting characters – a demon not so much hellish, but just less than angelic – and a whole host of interesting character names. How does Anathema Device sit with you? Or Adam, the son of the Devil?

There are a few giggles along the way (check out the names of the four OTHER riders of the apocalypse) and while there was no real compulsion to keep reading, it was an easy enough time to do so. Read the interview at the front with the authors too, its kind of interesting.

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