I resisted the idea for a long time, but finally succumbed to read this Stephenie Meyer series that is second only to the success of Harry Potter.

Isabella Swan moves to Forks and quickly is drawn to the enigmatic Edward Cullen – who appears both drawn to and repulsed by her. But Edward has a secret – and Bella is determined to uncover it.

Of course, everyone knows that Edward is a vampire. But he doesn’t drink human blood (no matter how good Bella smells!). He and the rest of his family have sworn off this bloodthirsty lifestyle, and try to live as normal lives as possible.

It IS kind of a Mills and Boon for teenage girls, but I must say, a compulsively readable one. It is the comforting kind of predictable – even though you have a fair idea of how it is going to turn out – you still want to know. It’s the perfect read for this time of year, when you just want an easy read that allows you to enjoy the sensation of getting caught up in a book. It will do me for now – I am already onto book two, New Moon.

Still puzzling out the title – Edward says twilight is his favourite time of day. But it is also the crossroads between light and dark. And this is where Bella is now – dating a vampire brings up many, many questions about Bella’s future. I am sure the series will provide though!


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