The Book Brother…

Today two marvellous things happened – and happened at the same time which makes them all the more remarkable.

I was wandering around a foreign (i.e. not my local) shopping centre, killing time and avoiding peak hour traffic that I avoid like a Danielle Steel and thus never get used to. I was searching for more Haruki Murakami (nearly finished the enchanting Kafka on the Shore – just wait for my entry). A new chain store had opened in the centre, and to my delight that had two for three in the whole store. I decided right then and there that if they had even one Murakami I would buy three. They did, although not the ones I was most desperate for.

While this all sounds good, in determining the identity of the other three books, I met my book brother, my reading soul mate. We knew it from the moment I declared my undying love for H.M. – a few other authorial comparisons was all we needed.

Ironically, this was possibly the most romantic moment I have had in a long while. and all we exchanged were ideas.

The result? A bag full of books (ahem, yes, slightly more than three), a bunch of new recommendations and a deep desire to avoid more traffic some Friday soon…

I will keep you posted about how his recommendations are going.

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