Harris’ Holy Fools a Hit

Again, I can blame my reading of this one on the whole Talking Book thing.
However, it was lovely after my last reading of Harris, to revist her at her best. Holy Fools has a lot of the magic of Chocolat, but as darker and more mysterious.
Set in 17th century France, Juliet (once a actor and tight-rope walker) lives in a remote abbey where she is raising her five-year-old daughter, Fleur. But the abbey of Sainte Marie de la Mer is about to receive a visitor – one who knows Juliet far too well.
When Guy LeMerle arrives disguised as a cleric, Juliet realises this costume can only hide his most dazzling and malicious performance of all. And when Guy realises his old companion Juliet is there, he feels compelled to draw her into his schemes through any means necessary.
Harris pokes a bit of fun at religious fanatacism here, which always sits well with me, and tells a thrilling and engaging story. This is definitely worth looking at – you are guaranteed to enjoy it.

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