Baghdad Blog

I am reading Baghdad Blog for work again, and can’t help but reflect upon the power the blog is developing in our society. Blogger is already ear-marking “blogs of note” (what, reading isn’t important?) and our own Baghdad Blogger Salam Pax became the face of the voiceless Iraqi nation. And what a lovely, queer, bitchy voice it is too!

Makes me start to think about what other people are blogging about out there. Anyone pondering the secrets of the universe? If so, send me the link. Love to have a chat. Anything else earth-shattering out there? Because their just has to be more noteworthy blogs than the cooking one or the mother one. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with either of these, but surely there is a little more out there? We might have to spend some of this blog on what else is happening in the blogosphere.

A few incidentals:

  • This is the first blog on my new whiz bang lap top. I have called it S.B. This currently stands for sexy beast (cos it’s that good), but might come to stand for something else when it starts to get old and slow etc. use your imagination.
  • Sorry to anyone who was expecting a blog on the Raw Shark Texts. Just not my cup of tea, and there are too many books in the world to waste time reading stuff that is not for you. Yes note that! I am not a “grin and bear it” reader. I think it is because it is too unrealistic. I know that any other fans of Jasper Fforde are shaking their heads in amazement right now, but somehow I believe in my heart that there is a parrallel world out there in which reading is way cooler than it is here. I just find it hard to swallow that there is a mythical shark-creature out there that lives and feeds on text.
  • Finding the new Ian McEwan On Chesil Beach a bit banal too. I like McEwan as a writer – he has stunning use of language – but yet to be blown away by his plots. But more on that later.

Anyway, must go. One of the sounds that rules my life has just… well… sounded.


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